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Glass artist Olga Gobernik-Kon lives and works in Israel and the USA. She was born in Kazakhstan and spent her childhood in the picturesque foothills of the Tien Shan, which, together with the hot Israeli sun, reflected in the color palette of her art.
Olga studied glasswork at the Wertzberger College of Applied Arts in Tel Aviv, where she chose stained glass and mosaics from a variety of glass art techniques. 
An architect-designer by her first education, Olga has remained faithful to a special, architectural style of drawing, which, transformed into glass, acquired an additional dimension - light. Unlike the wall panels created by the majority of mosaic artists, Olga's mosaics, like stained-glass windows, work "in the light," these are glass collages on a glass basis. In her art, Olga takes the sun's rays as co-artists, which, refracting at different angles, passing through many fragments of multi-colored glass, create a lively, changeable radiance, emphasizing the emotional saturation of the works.
She calls this art form “painting in glass.” Olga Gobernik’s art always reflects her state of mind, her perception of the surrounding world, events and phenomena to which she, as a human being, cannot remain indifferent.
Many of her works are in private collections in Israel, the USA, Russia and Kazakhstan.
In Philadelphia, at the Dalet Gallery, Olga's works were exhibited together with the works of Isaiah Zagar, the creator of the legendary Philadelphia Museum of Mosaic "Magic Garden."

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